Reasons Why You Should Eat the Guyabano Fruit Often

Reasons Why You Should Eat the Guyabano Fruit Often

An apple a day keeps diseases at bay. There is no doubt that fruits are vital in every person’s diet. Fruits are known to be a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals which in turn strengthen the body’s immunity, ensure bone health among other perks. Fruits are also a great source of fiber which helps in digestion and prevents coronary diseases. All these are benefits we get from fruits in general but the Guyabano fruit has more benefits in that green thorny fruit. Let’s look at the reasons why you should be rushing to your grocery store to get yourself some Guyabano fruits:
1. It prevents and cures cancer
Who wouldn’t want to bathe in this healing ability of the fruit? The Guyabano contains a compound called annanaceous acetogerins which aids in fighting off cancerous cells in the body. It also heals cancer such as lung cancer, colon cancer as well as prostate cancer. A bite a day will definitely keep cancer away.
2. Antibiotic properties
The fruit is also beneficial for its antibiotic properties. The annanaceous acetogerins compound in it helps in fighting off fungal infections, bacteria as well as viral properties. These antibiotic properties are especially vital in fighting off skin infections such as acne, rashes and herpes.
3. Is a detoxifying agent
The liver is the organ responsible for breaking down all chemicals and medications that come in the body. This leaves the liver at the mercies of acute or chronic cancer brought about by the chemicals. The Guyabano fruit is known to be among the best alkaline producing foods. Why is this important in detoxification? You see, tumors tend to thrive more in acidic environments. However, the Guyabano fruit helps make the body a bit alkaline by lowering the pH. This reduces rapid cell degeneration and coupled with its cancer fighting properties which help it fight cancer in the liver, the body becomes detoxified.
4. Nutritional properties
This list couldn’t have been complete if I didn’t mention the nutritional benefits that one gets from eating the Guyabano fruit. The fruit is rich in the B vitamins, C vitamins and folate which assist in energy production, prevents cardiovascular diseases and ensure eye health as well as proper functioning of the brain. The fruit is also rich in minerals such as iron which leads to the formation of hemoglobin, calcium which ensures dentals as well as bone health among other perks.
5. Reduces stress
In the body, low serotonin levels result to stress. The Guyabano fruit has the ability to trigger serotonin receptors in the brain which in the end results to reduced stress levels.

I guess those are satisfactory reasons for anyone to start including Guyabano helpings in all their meals.

Medical benefit of Guyabano fruit

Medicinal Benefits of the Guyabano Fruit
Most doctors and nutritionists recommend that their patients eat a fruit a day and with good reasons. Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals which are vital in fighting diseases. Today, we will focus on the Guyabano fruit or soursop that is native to South America and is green and spiky and has white flesh. The fruits, leaves and stem to the Guyabano are a concoction of medicinal properties. Here are some of the ailments that the Guyabano heals:
1. Insomnia
This is a condition where one lacks sleep. The condition can be treated using some drug prescriptions but most of them have their side effects. The drugs can be addictive and even lead to dependency. Others are not effective enough leading one to overdose. Soursop is a better alternative as it has tranquilizing effect. This is made possible by a compound known as serotonin which is present in the soursop fruit.
2. Cure skin problems
Soursop contains annonaceous acetogenin which is an anti-microbial agent. It fights against fungal infection bacteria as well as viral properties. It therefore helps fight off skin diseases such as acne, herpes among others. The fruit’s leaves and seeds have been used to treat skin diseases and also improve on the skin’s integrity.
3. Urinary tract infection(UTI)
Besides preventing and treating UTI recurrence, soursop also helps the body get rid of toxins and waste. The herbal diuretic increases the passing of urine which in turn flushes out the toxins. Unlike other antibiotics, soursop does not have side effects when used as a treatment for UTI. The soursop also helps the bladder to remain healthy. The fruit is used to treat UTI since it suppresses E-coli bacteria which is a major bacteria strain causing the infection
4. Cure poisoning
Most poisons are ingested but there are those that enter the body by inhaling, though the skin, from radiation exposure and by IV injection. Emetics are used in herbal medicines to induce vomiting which is a common way to get rid of some poisons ingested. The soursop fruit cures the light poisoning because of its emetic and sudorific properties. However poisoning caused by strong acids and alkalis should be addressed by a doctor.
5. Getting rid of lice
Soursop is also capable of fighting off lice as well as bed bugs. This is because it has insecticidal ability. Using herbal sprays with soursop extracts solves this problem. The fruit contains annonaceous acetogenin which give it the insecticidal ability.

It is therefore clear that the Guyabano fruit is a natural medicine cabinet full of home remedies to common ailments as well as major illnesses. You can ingest the fruit, dry leaves or the stem of the tree to get your dose of these benefits.