Guyabano Tree

There are millions of fruits across the globe. Fruits such as apples, bananas and avocado dominate with their popularity. However, there is little known fruit that is slowly gaining popularity. It is also known as the Guanabana in countries speaking in Spanish, Graviola in Brazil and Guyabano in Philippines. The fruit is indigenous in parts of North and South America that are warm. Also the fruit is found in the Amazon.

The Guyabano fruit’s growing popularity is owed to its numerous medicinal values. Some of the medicinal benefits are; the treatment of arthritis, heart diseases, liver problems as well as asthma. The Guyabano fruit also has acetogenin which leads to the anti-cancer effect of the fruit. This has made the Guyabano more sort after since it does not have the painful effects of chemotherapy. The Guyabano fruit tree, bark and leaves are used for herbal medicines. The Guyabano is one of the fruits that are an alternative to many of the drugs that doctors prescribe for you. The Guyabano bark is a remedy to infections due to its antimicrobial agents that help fight off pathogens such as bacterial and fungal infections.
Guyabano has no side effects whatsoever labelling it as the perfect remedy to the listed ailments.

Tropical markets are a host to these fruits. The fruits have a short shelf life making it hard to obtain one when fresh. To buy a fresh Guyabano fruit, it is wise that one buys them when they are in season and when they are still dark green after which it only takes 1-3 days to ripen. However, if unable to acquire the fruit other options are available such as buying canned Guyabano.

The fruit can be used to make products such as smoothies, ice cream and juice. The Guyabano can also be found in form of soursop tea, obtained by milling the leaves and the stem of the tree.

The extract from the leaves, roots and the bark of the tree is very powerful compared to other herbal preparations such as the capsules and infusions. The extract from the leave can also be used to make herbal tea. The Soursop tea is a healthy drink that keeps the body strong and healthy. The Guyabano is also used to make supplements. The supplements are prepared differently from each other.

With all these fact and benefits listed there is no doubt that the Guyabano tree is the most effective natural medicine. In addition, the whole of the tree is medicinal including the seeds in its fruits. So next time while in the market, be sure to look for this fruit or any product with its extract.

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