1. Guyabano is a cancer-fighting food!
Several studies done by Purdue University or published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry have pointed to the fact that guyabano extract actually inhibits the growth of adriamycin resistant human mammary adenocarcinoma cells—also known as multidrug resistant cancer cells. While these tests were done in a test tube, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to eat something that shows so much promise that scientists are planning to conduct chemotherapy using its active compounds!

2. Guyabano is packed with Vitamin C.
Not only does Vitamin C boost one’s immune system as a highly-effective antioxidant—helping you fight off everything from the average cold to a terrible case of the flu—it also helps prevent urinary tract infection by lowering the bacterial count in your urinary tract. Vitamin C also helps your body absorb iron—preventing anemia!

3. Guyabano is a must for pregnant women because of all its vitamins and nutrients.
Guyabano also has plenty of folate, which is an essential B vitamin which will help prevent birth defects and other complications that may be experienced during pregnancy. It also prevents water retention—a common problem amongst pregnant women. It’s also said to increase a mother’s milk production after childbirth.

4. Partaking of your daily guyabano can help keep your bones strong.
Because guyabano is full of calcium—not to mention the fact that it has copper, which helps absorb calcium—you will strengthen your bones and help prevent osteoporosis. This also has the added bonus of helping speed up the healing process should you ever find yourself in an accident where you broke a bone. Strong bones are necessary to help reduce back pain, and increasing your calcium intake will prevent future loss of bone density. #naturalguyabano

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