Reasons Why You Should Eat the Guyabano Fruit Often

Reasons Why You Should Eat the Guyabano Fruit Often

An apple a day keeps diseases at bay. There is no doubt that fruits are vital in every person’s diet. Fruits are known to be a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals which in turn strengthen the body’s immunity, ensure bone health among other perks. Fruits are also a great source of fiber which helps in digestion and prevents coronary diseases. All these are benefits we get from fruits in general but the Guyabano fruit has more benefits in that green thorny fruit. Let’s look at the reasons why you should be rushing to your grocery store to get yourself some Guyabano fruits:
1. It prevents and cures cancer
Who wouldn’t want to bathe in this healing ability of the fruit? The Guyabano contains a compound called annanaceous acetogerins which aids in fighting off cancerous cells in the body. It also heals cancer such as lung cancer, colon cancer as well as prostate cancer. A bite a day will definitely keep cancer away.
2. Antibiotic properties
The fruit is also beneficial for its antibiotic properties. The annanaceous acetogerins compound in it helps in fighting off fungal infections, bacteria as well as viral properties. These antibiotic properties are especially vital in fighting off skin infections such as acne, rashes and herpes.
3. Is a detoxifying agent
The liver is the organ responsible for breaking down all chemicals and medications that come in the body. This leaves the liver at the mercies of acute or chronic cancer brought about by the chemicals. The Guyabano fruit is known to be among the best alkaline producing foods. Why is this important in detoxification? You see, tumors tend to thrive more in acidic environments. However, the Guyabano fruit helps make the body a bit alkaline by lowering the pH. This reduces rapid cell degeneration and coupled with its cancer fighting properties which help it fight cancer in the liver, the body becomes detoxified.
4. Nutritional properties
This list couldn’t have been complete if I didn’t mention the nutritional benefits that one gets from eating the Guyabano fruit. The fruit is rich in the B vitamins, C vitamins and folate which assist in energy production, prevents cardiovascular diseases and ensure eye health as well as proper functioning of the brain. The fruit is also rich in minerals such as iron which leads to the formation of hemoglobin, calcium which ensures dentals as well as bone health among other perks.
5. Reduces stress
In the body, low serotonin levels result to stress. The Guyabano fruit has the ability to trigger serotonin receptors in the brain which in the end results to reduced stress levels.

I guess those are satisfactory reasons for anyone to start including Guyabano helpings in all their meals.

Medical benefit of Guyabano fruit

Medicinal Benefits of the Guyabano Fruit
Most doctors and nutritionists recommend that their patients eat a fruit a day and with good reasons. Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals which are vital in fighting diseases. Today, we will focus on the Guyabano fruit or soursop that is native to South America and is green and spiky and has white flesh. The fruits, leaves and stem to the Guyabano are a concoction of medicinal properties. Here are some of the ailments that the Guyabano heals:
1. Insomnia
This is a condition where one lacks sleep. The condition can be treated using some drug prescriptions but most of them have their side effects. The drugs can be addictive and even lead to dependency. Others are not effective enough leading one to overdose. Soursop is a better alternative as it has tranquilizing effect. This is made possible by a compound known as serotonin which is present in the soursop fruit.
2. Cure skin problems
Soursop contains annonaceous acetogenin which is an anti-microbial agent. It fights against fungal infection bacteria as well as viral properties. It therefore helps fight off skin diseases such as acne, herpes among others. The fruit’s leaves and seeds have been used to treat skin diseases and also improve on the skin’s integrity.
3. Urinary tract infection(UTI)
Besides preventing and treating UTI recurrence, soursop also helps the body get rid of toxins and waste. The herbal diuretic increases the passing of urine which in turn flushes out the toxins. Unlike other antibiotics, soursop does not have side effects when used as a treatment for UTI. The soursop also helps the bladder to remain healthy. The fruit is used to treat UTI since it suppresses E-coli bacteria which is a major bacteria strain causing the infection
4. Cure poisoning
Most poisons are ingested but there are those that enter the body by inhaling, though the skin, from radiation exposure and by IV injection. Emetics are used in herbal medicines to induce vomiting which is a common way to get rid of some poisons ingested. The soursop fruit cures the light poisoning because of its emetic and sudorific properties. However poisoning caused by strong acids and alkalis should be addressed by a doctor.
5. Getting rid of lice
Soursop is also capable of fighting off lice as well as bed bugs. This is because it has insecticidal ability. Using herbal sprays with soursop extracts solves this problem. The fruit contains annonaceous acetogenin which give it the insecticidal ability.

It is therefore clear that the Guyabano fruit is a natural medicine cabinet full of home remedies to common ailments as well as major illnesses. You can ingest the fruit, dry leaves or the stem of the tree to get your dose of these benefits.

Benefits of Guyabano

1. Guyabano is a cancer-fighting food!
Several studies done by Purdue University or published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry have pointed to the fact that guyabano extract actually inhibits the growth of adriamycin resistant human mammary adenocarcinoma cells—also known as multidrug resistant cancer cells. While these tests were done in a test tube, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to eat something that shows so much promise that scientists are planning to conduct chemotherapy using its active compounds!

2. Guyabano is packed with Vitamin C.
Not only does Vitamin C boost one’s immune system as a highly-effective antioxidant—helping you fight off everything from the average cold to a terrible case of the flu—it also helps prevent urinary tract infection by lowering the bacterial count in your urinary tract. Vitamin C also helps your body absorb iron—preventing anemia!

3. Guyabano is a must for pregnant women because of all its vitamins and nutrients.
Guyabano also has plenty of folate, which is an essential B vitamin which will help prevent birth defects and other complications that may be experienced during pregnancy. It also prevents water retention—a common problem amongst pregnant women. It’s also said to increase a mother’s milk production after childbirth.

4. Partaking of your daily guyabano can help keep your bones strong.
Because guyabano is full of calcium—not to mention the fact that it has copper, which helps absorb calcium—you will strengthen your bones and help prevent osteoporosis. This also has the added bonus of helping speed up the healing process should you ever find yourself in an accident where you broke a bone. Strong bones are necessary to help reduce back pain, and increasing your calcium intake will prevent future loss of bone density. #naturalguyabano

Guyabano Fruit Nutritional Benefits

Guyabano Fruit Nutritional Benefits

The Guyabano is a fruit commonly found in South American countries as well as most tropical countries. It is a thorny, green fruit with white flesh and black seeds. It tastes like strawberries with a hint of pineapple.

The Guyabano is famed to prevent the spreading of cancer among other medicinal benefits. Interesting to know is that it is also a haven of nutrients that are essential to the body. This tropical fruit has nutrients ranging from carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals which make it the ideal fruit to eat once in a while so as to get the whole package of nutrients.

Here are some of the notable nutrients in the fruit:

1. Carbohydrates
The fruit has its fair share of carbs to boost your energy. There is reported to be about 17g in 100g of the fruit. This is due to its high concentration of fructose.

2. Proteins
Proteins are vital for the body to ensure development and replacement of body cells. The fruit contains 1 gram of proteins in one helping of the fruit that is 100 grams.

3. Fats
Most people are cautious on their intake on fats and luckily, the fruit has less than a gram of fat in it.

4. Vitamins
Fruits are known to be the primary source of vitamins to the human body and in the case of the Guyabano fruit, the same applies. The fruit is rich in several types of vitamins including:

• Vitamin B1 (thiamine) – This vitamin is vital in the body as it is responsible for energy production by converting sugar into energy. It does so by acting as an enzyme in the sugar oxidizing process, ensuring that energy is produced for all body organs. The vitamin also ensures eye health and usually prevents formation of cataracts. It also ensures the proper functioning of the brain.

• Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) – This vitamin’s role in the body is to prevent heart diseases as well as cancer. It also helps prevent anemia and also aids in the production of energy.

• Vitamin C – This is one of the most important vitamins in the body as it helps strengthen the immune system, helps prevent heart disease and is key in skin care.

• Folate- It is not necessarily a vitamin but it also plays a big role in the human body especially in pregnant women as it is vital in fetal development. It also ensures normal cholesterol levels and aids in reducing the risk of stroke.

5. Minerals
The Guyabano fruit also happens to have its fair share of minerals in it that help boost dental and bone health. Iron helps in the formation of hemoglobin which ensures blood circulation and the minerals help boost the body’s immunity.

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Guyabano Tree

There are millions of fruits across the globe. Fruits such as apples, bananas and avocado dominate with their popularity. However, there is little known fruit that is slowly gaining popularity. It is also known as the Guanabana in countries speaking in Spanish, Graviola in Brazil and Guyabano in Philippines. The fruit is indigenous in parts of North and South America that are warm. Also the fruit is found in the Amazon.

The Guyabano fruit’s growing popularity is owed to its numerous medicinal values. Some of the medicinal benefits are; the treatment of arthritis, heart diseases, liver problems as well as asthma. The Guyabano fruit also has acetogenin which leads to the anti-cancer effect of the fruit. This has made the Guyabano more sort after since it does not have the painful effects of chemotherapy. The Guyabano fruit tree, bark and leaves are used for herbal medicines. The Guyabano is one of the fruits that are an alternative to many of the drugs that doctors prescribe for you. The Guyabano bark is a remedy to infections due to its antimicrobial agents that help fight off pathogens such as bacterial and fungal infections.
Guyabano has no side effects whatsoever labelling it as the perfect remedy to the listed ailments.

Tropical markets are a host to these fruits. The fruits have a short shelf life making it hard to obtain one when fresh. To buy a fresh Guyabano fruit, it is wise that one buys them when they are in season and when they are still dark green after which it only takes 1-3 days to ripen. However, if unable to acquire the fruit other options are available such as buying canned Guyabano.

The fruit can be used to make products such as smoothies, ice cream and juice. The Guyabano can also be found in form of soursop tea, obtained by milling the leaves and the stem of the tree.

The extract from the leaves, roots and the bark of the tree is very powerful compared to other herbal preparations such as the capsules and infusions. The extract from the leave can also be used to make herbal tea. The Soursop tea is a healthy drink that keeps the body strong and healthy. The Guyabano is also used to make supplements. The supplements are prepared differently from each other.

With all these fact and benefits listed there is no doubt that the Guyabano tree is the most effective natural medicine. In addition, the whole of the tree is medicinal including the seeds in its fruits. So next time while in the market, be sure to look for this fruit or any product with its extract.

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